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Gator Scape 508

We are working on a server based off of Z508 source. We plan on releasing the source after the project is finished. Download the Client here Here
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 beasty clan

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ranged ya1

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PostSubject: beasty clan   Sat Aug 08, 2009 12:33 pm

hi guys this is a clan for rangers and magers only! and to join u have to see me ingame my name is ranged ya1 and u rangers must wear...
karils leathertop/range hood/ verac plateskirt/ ranger boots/ a crystal bow or dark or rune cbow/ and a firecaape/ and void knight gloves

magers can wear taked armour and ahrims but w/e u chose u have to wear a firecape and range hood and voidknight gloves

if you seek any further info about the clan see me in gatorscape! have fun
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sir maximus

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PostSubject: Re: beasty clan   Mon Aug 10, 2009 11:44 am

well, i wanna join the beasty clan, but i don't know how to log onto gatorscape. maybe u can help me out? i really want to join u guys cuz maging is one of my favorite skills. please reply, sir maximus
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beasty clan
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